Jetage - Euro Boys (Norway)

Label:Virgin Records
Highlights:Enter The Dragon
Inspector Ď71
Mr Wild Guitar
Point Of No Return
Do You Know The Way To Monterey?

Rating: 8.5/10

With a name like Euro Boys I was expecting some commercial boy band but instead Norwayís Euro Boys actually are an all instrumental group playing surf, spy, kung foo and lounge themes. Extremely well played and arranged, each song on Jetage is well augmented by such exotic instruments as horns, trumpets, xylophones, flugelhorns and saxophones making this is one of the coolest CDís Iíve heard in ages. One of the Euro Boy's strengths is that they donít take themselves too seriously without having to resort to parody. This makes Jetage an enjoyable album to listen to more than once. Highlights include their cover of theme for the classic Bruce Lee movie Enter The Dragon, the psychedelic Point Of No Return and appropriately titled Mr. Wild Guitar. So far, Jetage is the best all instrumental album Iíve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Itís is not often that an instrumental group can hold your attention for almost an hour let alone captivate you like this record does.

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